Jose Cruz - Illustrator
Mama Mia
Mama Mia!

Some subject matter, like stock and asset allocation, doesn't natually lend itself to commercial illustration, so sometimes you just gotta roll them bones and think up something visually arresting.

At's-a nice
Bug byte
Bugz Byte!

You can hunt them down, you can stomp them, you can mash them, you can bash 'em, slash 'em, lash 'em and gnash 'em, but there'll always be more computer viruses where the last one came from.
Bat out of hell
Like a Bat Out of Hell!

Face it. There's only so many ways you can bend, shape, fold or mutilate paper in order to get it to achieve a useful flight envelope.

"So," says my client, "any chance you can come up with something different?"
Ahoy there, Matey!
Ahoy There, Matey!

The net, like the ocean, can be a treacherous and bewildering place to travel. Lucky for us search engines and web browsers came along to make for smoother sailing.

Cheers to the future
Cheers to the Future.

The future will be here before you know it. And what new wonders will it bring? Don't ask me, I'm only the wildly-conjecturing illustrator.
Brand it with a scarlet letter
The Scarlet Letter.

Branding. We used it with cattle for centuries to make sure everyone knew who's cow belonged to whom. Now, after a good branding campaign by a mid-level corporate entity I think we'd all rather have the hot iron.
Move over gateway
Moooove Over Gateway!

Sony and NEC once made an aggressive move to enter the desktop computer market. Since then the computing world changed and it hasn't been kind.
The buck stops here
The Buck Stops Here!

Electronic banking was a great idea...for crooks. Whether they're siphoning micro-payments or moving vast accumulations of laundered dough there's never been a better time to fleece the ignorant.
It's alive!
"It's Alive!"

The laptop computer is now as ubiquitous as, well, the laptop. But for a while the consequences of owning one outweighed the benefits.
Fun with mister potato head
Fun with Mister Potato Head.

Hasbro wanted to change their logo, but we didn't see eye to eye. They said Patatoe and I said Patahto... they called the whole thing off.

Little Purple Dancing Spiders

All Illustrations copyright 2006 Jose Cruz

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