Jose Cruz Illustration
Y2k Bug
Y2K Bug?

This cover for Time magazine mused about the coming new millennia and what computer terrors it might bring. Needless to say, it wasn't much of a much.
Gift Giving
Gift Giving for All

This high-tech gift guide offered a tasty slecetion of new electronic toys and gadgets for the uber-geek on your Xmas shopping list.
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

What will a standard kitchen look like in, say, 2037? Will there be internet service built right in to the toaster or the coffee-maker? Will your fridge automatically re-order those Soylent Green tacos you like so much?
Weathering the storm
Weathering the Storm

This was another story about the ups and downs of the stock market and how it affects both the big and the little guy. I decided to visually represent the situation as a boat sailing on rough waters.
Rabbits Rides the Rails
Rabbits Ride the Rails

Rita and Ed, those two wacky yet industrious rabbits set off again on a train of their own design. Well, actually, its my design, but you know what I mean.
French Connection
French Connection

The U.S. may be the Big Dawgs of the internet, but the French are way ahead of us when it comes to on-line shopping. Believe it or don't, mon petit chou.
Web Shoes
Web Shoes for Web Feet

You can buy just about anything on-line these days...even custom made shoes for hard-to-fit feet, as this story pointed out.
Techs Mechs
Techs Mechs

This was a story about robots being developed that will do just about anything...including walking the dog. I advanced the notion to its logical, though a bit extreme, conclusion.
Building Bunnies
Building Bunny Blueprint

This was another of the many illustations I whipped out about those two industrious bunnies. Ain't they cu-u-u-u-u-te?
Multi-Media Mega Man
Multi-Media Mega-Man

I've been in this business long enough to not be surprised when I heard that Madison Avenue had been carefully planning their assault on the internet and its users for some time.

George Bush Eats Boogers!

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